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About us

 MAGNETIC S.R.L. was established in 1981 and started as a manufacturer of small high-tech electrical rotating machines intended for variable speed drives.

The current production program includes d.c. and a.c. motors, both for positioning systems (permanent magnet servomotors) and for power applications (d.c. or asynchronous vectorial motors) with a wide selection of sizes and options.

In particular, MAGNETIC can now offer:

  • asynchronous vectorial motors with square stator MA Series, power range from 0.75 kW to over 500 kW
  • asynchronous motors for inverter applications ASM series from 0.15 kW to over 500 kW
  • brushless servomotors with traditional inertia (BLQ and NGB series) or for high dynamic applications (TOP), stall torque from 0.3  to over 100Nm
  • torque motors HTQ series, torque from 50 Nm to over 1200 Nm
  • d.c. wound field motors MM series, power range from 2.3 kW to 210 kW / 2300rpm
  • flanged, hollow shaft or double tachogenerators 20/40/60V
  • centrifugal relays
  • PWM digital drives for brushless and d.c. servomotors

Products’ research and development, completely made internally by the qualified Magnetic technical office, and the cooperation with Padua University, make Magnetic able to propose advanced technological solutions and to support customers while integrating our products with their solutions.

Company’s investment policy gives the outmost priority to quality and to product and process reliability, starting from design and production, till after sales service. Magnetic quality system, ISO 9001:2008 certified, is well tested (first certification obtained in 1994) and leads the company towards a continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.

Our effort to develop a flexible and lean production, using the most advanced organization techniques, and the collaboration with suppliers particularly specialized in the field, make Magnetic able to satisfy the most demanding market requests in terms of delivery time and customizations.

Magnetic products’ offer is appreciated in both Italian and foreign markets, where totally speaking Magnetic sold more than 200.000 motors and 250.000 tachogenerators.

Magnetic Srl belongs to Ferroli Group and is located in Montebello Vicentino, halfway between Verona and Vicenza in the North East of Italy, where it occupies a 23000 m2 area, 5600 m2 of which indoor.