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Published on Thursday 15 September 2016


Armando Donazzan won’t stop, his climb into greatness is still going on. Since 2009, Orange1’s acquisitions has reached the number of 10. 
Orange1, Italian company leader in Europe in the sector of electric motors and aluminium die-casting, has signed today a new purchase contract with Magnetic Srl


Armando Donazzan and Filippo Polo declarations


Orange1 Holding unstoppable. Orange1, international group specialized in the field of metal mechanics, headquartered in Italy, Arsiè (BL), that employs over 1000 people dislocated in 8 different plants and with a profit of 140 million Euros, has formalized today the acquisition of a new company located in Montebello Vicentino (VI), Magnetic Srl. This acquisition brings the group to the number 10 since 2009.
Born in 1981, Magnetic Srl, designs and produces a vast range of variable speed and high efficiency IE4 and IE5 motors. Magnetic is specialized for any type of parts in custom-made products thanks to it’s continue research, entirely developed internally by a very qualified technical team, and with the collaboration of different Italian and foreign Universities, thus allowing unique and cutting-edge solutions proposals. 
“I’m pleased to announce this new strategic acquisition of Magnetic” declares satisfied Armando Donazzan.  “We chose this company because of it's brand. Magnetic in fact has always been considered in this business, a byword for reliability and quality. 
Our first short-term goal is to invest 1 million Euro for the development of the new model ranges and, within 5 years, to increase its turnover from the current 10 millions to 25 million Euros.   
This acquisition is consistent with our business plan and we would like to thank the OXY CAPITAL fund because, besides to the economic aspect, Oxy Capital understood and supported our will to  remain loco, by investing in technology that will drive Magnetic to a leader position.
For Orange1 group, this is its 10th acquisition since 2009, but this time the investment done has a crucial value: Magnetic is going to  back up another project in which the group invested last year, as in the acquisition of the company Emotion in Motion. 
With the collaboration of the two, we want to create a new system, a motor with the drive that will give us the opportunity to have not just a specific product, but a full and complete one. Combined to this there is also going to be an important commercial link within all of Orange1’s important strategic clients