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Tachogenerators and centrifugal relays

General features and characteristic parameters

Designed thanks to Magnetic experience in the d.c. motor field, tachogenerators are speed transducers with 4 poles excitation and ALNICO permanent magnets. Available with 3 kind of standard windings of 20, 40 or 60V referred to 1000 rpm, tachogenerators are supplied with electro graphite or carbon silver brushes, depending on applications. Distinguishing feature is the possibility to extract the rotor without demagnetizing the tacho.

  • FR series: traditional construction, flanged, with or without terminal box.
  • FRBR series: double flange construction, already fit to connect different types of encoders.
  • FRD series: double tachogenerator, made by two mechanically coupled units able to deliver two equal and independent signals.
  • BR series: hollow shaft rotor tacho, for direct assembly on motor shaft extension.

FR and BR series tachogenerators can be enhanced by a completely mechanical relay for over speed protection. Centrifugal relays of RC2 series may be supplied also in standalone version for direct installation on motor shaft.